NMT helps FOX roll out HD coverage of 2004 NFL season

NMT supplied HD units to FOX Sports as part of their agreement to provide HD facilities for the 2004 NFL season

A view from inside the control room of one of NMT's newest HD units: HD8.

National Mobile Television supplied FOX Sports with two of its newest HD trucks for the kickoff 2004 NFL season.

NMT supplied HD units, HD7 and HD8, to FOX Sports as part of their agreement to provide HD facilities for the 2004 NFL season. HD7 was used for the Atlanta Falcons vs. San Francisco 49ers game from the Bay Area, and HD8 was used for the production of the New York Giants vs. Eagles game from Philadelphia.

Both trucks are identical in every respect, but are outfitted slightly differently at the request of FOX. Both are capable of providing 24 HD cameras along with 24 channels of tape or disc recording and replay.

Both rely on Solid State Logic MT+digital audio consoles, Thomson Grass Valley brand Kalypso HD switchers with Accom Dveous MX DVE and RTS ADAM communications. The routers used on both units are 160x128 HD and 256x256 SD digital Thomson Grass Valley Trinix systems.

In addition, each truck has an EVS HD Spotbox, an LSM HDXT, several LSM-RO systems and the EVS Xfile Digital Archive station, all operating over a common network.

On HD7, high-definition camera work is done with 10 Thomson Grass Valley LDK6000 cameras outfitted with 86:1 and 100:1 Canon lenses, while HD8 uses 11 of the same cameras and lenses.

Both units are also equipped with a pair of TANDBERG Television HD encoders with ASI monitoring, offering customers complete HD production and transmission services.

For more information, visit www.nmtv.com.

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