NFL Films makes lateral move to digital audio

Small-footprint consoles that deliver a big bang for the buck have made serious inroads into post-production suites, but if you’re rolling in space and want to dedicate a fair portion of it to faders, large boards are still the way to go. Consider NFL Films, the company that has been defining sports highlight videos since it opened in 1967.

Located in Mount Laurel, NJ, NFL Films has a long relationship with SSL. The company recently purchased a Solid State Logic C100 HDS digital broadcast console.

Rich Markowitz, director of audio engineering films, says that SSL’s ability to combine extensive functionality with ease of use is critical. “We did an extensive evaluation of the major players in the digital console market” says Markowitz. “While it’s easy to write features on a cut sheet, it’s something else altogether to make them usable on a console surface. SSL takes all of those features and makes them very functional, and that’s really important. For example, channel information concerning EQ, dynamics and routing are always up front, so the engineer can see what is going on without paging through layers of information. SSL consoles are designed from the end user point of view making our transition from analogue to digital easy.”

More information on the C100 HDS and all other SSL products can be found on the company website,