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New Sony 4K camera?

According to the website,, Sony is about to release a new phone that includes a 4K camera. The website listed a number of specifications contained in a system dump for a Sony project called Honami.

The phone uses a Snapdragon 800 chipset with the ability to capture 20MP photos at a resolution of 5248 x 3936. Other camera features include ISO up to 12800 as well as a Steadyshot. Even better, the phone will record 4K video with aspect ratio of 2:1. The camera phone includes a Timeshift mode, which allows the user to rapidly fast forward and rewind the video while seeing quality video. If the news is accurate like Sony will be among the very first to bring 4K video to both phone and TV set.

One of the phone’s new apps is Info-eye, the visual search app based on kooaba, an image recognition software platform. The Info Eye app will have a new UX for Sony Xperia (opens in new tab) tablets. Xperiablog says the application will resemble Nokia’s HERE City Lens app, which provides the user information about surrounding landmarks by simply pointing the camera at the scene.