New Products


Utah Scientific HD2020: compatible with the existing MC-500 for easy upgrade to operation in SD or HD; video processing unit can carry two independent video channels in any combination of configurations; features multiple keyers, full audio processing and a Utah automation interface; 801-575-8801; fax: 801-537-3099;


Anark Studio: intuitive interface and drag-and-drop effects allow users to create and repurpose content and develop television-quality presentations in a layered media environment; users can also repurpose existing content for delivery over the Web; features the ability to integrate video with 3D objects, as well as a real-time scrubbing function; 303-545-2592; fax: 303-545-2575;


Grass Valley Group Kameleon AV: allows users to integrate discrete modular functions into a single programmable module for complex audio and video processing; new signal processing capabilities can be downloaded and installed from a facility WAN in the form of a software module; these capabilities can be implemented individually or in any combination; 503-526-8160; fax: 503-526-8109;


SGI Origin 300: for use with technical midrange and media applications; base server module holds two or four 64-bit processors, up to 4GB of memory and two disk drives; system provides video streaming capabilities on demand over networks; 800-800-7441; 650-960-1980;


Network Electronics Flashlink: allows for the transmission of multiple digital signals between cities, educational environments and Metropolitan Area Networks; supports multiple formats, including SDI, DVB-ASI, SDTI, SMPTE 310M, HDTV and M2S; one fiber strand can support up to 40 uncompressed SDI channels; 631-928-4433; fax: 631-928-6966;


Wavexpress TVTonic: brings TV and Web together in one screen, allowing users to receive digital-quality movies, videos, music and games through their PC; plug-in features the Embassy chip for secure online purchases; 917-339-9000; fax: 917-339-9001;


Crystal Vision FR1AV: features removable rear modules to allow users to mix video and audio boards in a 1U frame; other features include hot swappable PCBs and a 75W PSU; two fans on the rear sections offer improved cooling, and can be removed and replaced without disturbing the wiring; offers the option of a standard passive front panel or a new active front panel, allowing control of all boards with RS-422 capability; +44 (0)1223 506515; fax: +44 (0)1223 506514;


Key Digital KD-SW2x1: works automatically with multiple scanning formats, including 480i, 480p, 720p and 1080i/540p; offers 120MHz video bandwidth; uses an HDTV monitor with a component input for display of the active component video and audio signals; auto switching function that allows users to choose between sources by turning the unwanted source off; 718-796-7178; fax: 829-796-6664;


Philips/Thomson Trinix: offers standard- and high-definition routing in configurations of up to 512×512 without distribution amplifiers; network-based status and control via SNMP allows for remote monitoring; 800-962-4287; 818-729-7700; fax: 818-729-7710;


Miranda iControl: remote control software allows users to remotely configure, monitor and operate Miranda's Network routers via a Web-based management system; software features a customizable interface for displaying router status; units can control one output or the entire network; a live video window provides a preview of switcher presets before executing commands; 514-333-1772; fax: 514-333-9828;


International Fiber Systems VT/VR7800 series: eight-bit, eight-channel digitally encoded video multiplexer offers reliability in video performance; allows users to transmit and receive eight channels of eight-bit digitally encoded video on one single-mode optical fiber; 203-426-1180; fax: 203-426-3326;

Now Shipping


Pinnacle Systems/Associated Press integrated solution: now available; combines Pinnacle's Thunder multichannel servers and Lightning digital stillstore systems with AP's ENPS; applications work together, appearing as a single application to ENPS users; ENPS can be used to browse content stored on the Thunder and Lightning systems; 650-526-1600; fax: 650-526-1601;


DPS dpsNetStreamer: now shipping; stand-alone Web encoding system allows users to encode live video and audio in real time to provide up to six simultaneous streams through a single user interface; outputs streams in RealNetworks, RealVideo and Microsoft Windows Media; features comprehensive professional I/O, video proc amp controls and input audio controls with VU meters; 859-371-5533; fax: 859-371-3729;


Kaydara Filmbox 3.0: now available; real-time 3D content authoring and delivery tool features improved Control Sets, allowing 3D artists to animate CG characters without having to program complex IK rigs and work interactively with both inverse and forward kinematics; also features native support for Kaydara's FBX for acquisition of 3D assets from external sources; 514-842-8446; fax: 514-842-4239;


ShibaSoku TS55A6: now shipping; generates 525 black-burst and HDTV tri-level sync at 59.94Hz signals and 14 TV signal formats; both inputs can be genlocked to ensure video components are synchronized; features a redundant system of dual generation modules and a changeover module, as well as the ability to embed eight-channel digital sound signals in SDI output signals; 303-278-1111; fax: 303-278-0303;