New Products


Miranda DVC-800: operates with Sony's HDCAM and Panasonic's AJ-HDC27A; mounts between the camera and its battery; outputs include HD-SDI, SDI, composite and DV/IEEE-1394; camera can be plugged directly into laptop/DV editing system or a DV portable drive; time code burn-in, graticule markers and on-screen display of Metadata information allows everyone on set to see complete picture at all times.
+33 1 55 86 87 88;


Thomson multimedia Digital Wireless Camera System: docks to the LDK100 and LDK200 camera heads; captures close-up images and unique POV shots at live sporting and entertainment events as well as in the studio without triax cable or antenna receiver assistant.
+44 173 252


Harris SPOT: has expanded the digital repeater range with four power variants: the original 3W SPOT and the new 12.5W, 25W and 50W versions; achieves full error recovery; can be connected to a local remultiplexer, enabling the insertion of local programming; can also be used as a low-power stand-alone transmitter for pilot networks and evaluation.


Tektronix MTM400: provides high data rate, full TR101 290 monitoring of a single transport stream at up to 155Mb/s; is flexible; low-cost-per-probe; enables management of the transmission and distribution of video content on an everyday basis; incorporates an optional user-defined template monitoring solution that provides for content verification.
+44 1344 392000;


Andrew Band III filter: suppresses unwanted spurious signals from being transmitted and interfering with other communication systems; this 1.5kW average power filter provides insertion loss of < 0.7 dB at midband and steep rejection of interfering signals; employs new temperature compensation technology that maintains filter operation to less than 1kHz per degree Celsius; filter's low insertion loss accommodates higher power levels without excessive heating or frequency drift.
+44 118 936 6700;


Encoda Systems A6500: includes device control, media management and ingest; is scalable within a standard playout environment; track multiple outgoing feeds from a single station; provides visibility across all channels; changes can be made to an event while it is playing.
+441 20 8339

TELESTRATOR Point: telestrator system for live productions; touchscreen allows users to draw freehand, place animated arrows and recall saved graphics and animations; allows users to set up their own menus if needed; features 10-bit internal picture processing and conforms to the CCIR601 standard; available in SDI and analog versions; in remote productions, a remote link kit allows the main computer to remain in the truck and the touchscreen to be located at the presenters' position.
+44 1732 740216;


Sony DSR-PDX10P: 3-CCD mega pixel camera uses 14-bit DXP processing; records images at 1152 × 864 dot resolution; features video streaming to the Internet via the USB; live data can be streamed direct from the lens; in VTR mode, previously recorded material is played out via the USB port; in camera and VTR mode, video and audio are captured and streamed in real-time; features an MPEG Movie recording facility, capable of storing up to 85 minutes of motion video and audio on a memory stick.
+44 1256 55011;


Irdeto Access CypherCast V.2: multiple encryption units can now be controlled from one single encryption manager; AES Rijndael encryption algorithm has been implemented to enhance the security of the CA system; secures both unicast and multicast IP data that travels over any broadband network.
+31 23 556 2770;


Panasonic AJ-HD3700A: can record 10-bit uncompressed 625/525i standard definition video; provides full bandwidth, 10-bit component recording at 74.25Mhz and 37.125 sampling; offers Metadata recording, plus eight audio channels providing support for 5.1 channel surround sound in HD format.
+49 611


Everzt 7765MVM: increases signal integrity monitoring capacity by simultaneously accepting up to eight, 12 or 16 asynchronous SDI video input signals with embedded or external AES/EBU audio; displays a multiplexed signal with audio level and phase bar graphs; fault condition alert messages based on programmable performance parameters are displayed on-screen.
+44 1268 566445;



Scientific-Atlanta Transis: transrating unit maximizes bandwidth by employing new IntelliRate transrating technology; enables reductions in the bit rate of programs received in the headend; allows operators to squeeze more revenue-generating services into one multiplexed transport stream.
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