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AXON Digital Design

HD/SD/3Gb/s downstream keyer module for Synapse includes four triple-rate inputs (two background inputs, one fill input and one key input) and outputs (two program, one preview and a user-definable output); features adjustable slice level and transparency, as well as transparency for 16 channels of embedded audio and all ANC data.

Adtec Digital

TV converter distributes HD and SD audio and video content over the digital television tier; allows audio and video signals from digital signage products, DVD players and TV receivers from direct-to-home satellite TV providers to be distributed over a digital cable system in a cost-effective manner.


Digital fiber-optic video and data multiplexer transmitters and receivers support 32 channels of high-quality video with eight channels of bidirectional serial data; available for use over multimode or single-mode optical fiber; offer 10-bit RS-250C short-haul quality video performance; can transport video up to 20km between locations.

Vector 3

Playout system includes automation, multiformat support and graphics features for full channel branding; supports a single SDI or analog input and simultaneous output; uses new multimedia technology, SATA storage and software-based processes such as VGA trimming and browsing to create a system for users needing numerous playout channels.
+34 934 151 285


Power amplifier module unites a high-performance, passively cooled amplifier with an IP66-rated, low-profile encoder; networking options include widespread wireless networking using FM audio distribution technology, Ethernet networking capabilities for wide-area distribution or facility LAN and twisted-pair networking for long-distance distribution; features a broadcast-quality balanced line input, second input and internal mixer.

Optical Zonu
SFC Transceivers

Dual-rate, single-fiber, full-duplex CWDM transceivers allow for a single-SKU optical link with identical transceivers at both the hub and customer premises; feature SFP-MSA digital diagnostics monitoring; work in conjunction with multiplexers/demultiplexers to support up to 10 business-class SONET/SDH or GigE customers on a single fiber with full-duplex operation over long-range distances up to 75km; provide data input required to support the operations, administration and maintenance features of IEEE 802.3ag and ITU Y.1731 standards.


Windscreen provides additional layer of wind protection underneath an existing zeppelin; features short-hair faux fur and fleece lining; rolls up tightly and packs easily into small bag or provided carrying pouch; available in short, medium and long sizes; comes in 21mm or 19mm diameters to fit most shotgun microphones.


Portable CG offers specs and feature set of a full-size system in 1RU chassis; provides automated template-based graphics generation and real-time graphics overlay of live video; supports 16:9 and 4:3 aspect ratios, Windows IME multiple language settings and True Type fonts; meets SD-SDI and analog composite NTSC and PAL specs including SMPTE 170M, SMPTE 259M with embedded audio pass-through and EIA-608b closed-captioning compatibility; available in SD-SDI and analog configurations.

TV One
EDID Manager

Designed for C2-2000A series of video switcher/scalers; allows user to copy EDID data from a display attached to the unit's output and simulate its presence to a PC that is attached to its input, giving the scaler transparent EDID operation; holds multiple copies of EDID data in nonvolatile memory and allows user to select which one is shown to a PC on the DVI input; up to six custom EDID settings can be stored in the CORIO2 unit.


Rain poncho is sized to cover a user carrying a mixer and fully loaded sound bag; features front section made of transparent polyurethane, slotted hand openings on either side, long sleeves, two-sided bungee cords and anchor clips to adjust the hood, fabric-covered front zipper and sealed and reinforced seams.

AV Toolbox

HDMI downconverter converts HDMI input, or DVI-D with optional adapter, to an interlaced NTSC or PAL SD video signal; provides analog stereo audio and coax S/PDIF outputs as well as reclocked HDMI signal; automatically detects the HDTV signal's resolution and is fully compliant with HDMI v1.2, DVI v1.0 and HDCP v1.1 specs; ships with an AC to DC power adapter.

1×1 Low Profile

LED lighting fixture mounts flat against a ceiling or wall and sticks down 3in from the surface where it is mounted; draws little power and can be operated from a 12V DC connection; cool to the touch and dimmable via DMX or control on the fixture; available in flood, spot and super spot configurations.

Facilis Technology
TerraBlock 4.0

Shared file system enables write access for multiple clients on the TerraBlock Virtual Volume 8Gb Fibre Channel SAN; allows file-level and volume-level sharing on the same network; enables users to designate their virtual volumes as multiuser write or single-user write; supports up to 220Mb HD and uncompressed SD capture on a file-level Windows volume.


Family of routing switchers features a wide range of signal cards that can mix and match signal types in a 1RU or 3RU frame; high packing density allows 17 × 17 SDI (SD, HD or 3G) in 1RU and up to 72 × 72 in 3RU, up to 144 × 144 stereo AES and analog audio in 3RU, or 36 × 36 in 1RU; includes an integral system controller; can be slaved from external control systems with control via Ethernet or RS-422.

NTP Technology

Router control system handles configuration, control and supervision of all router modules in an NTP audio signal distribution system; forms a communication interface to third-party communication protocols; operates through a network-based infrastructure with all communication based on TCP/IP link protocol and a 10Mb/s or 100Mb/s LAN/WAN interface; features an integral solid-state server providing fast control access and resources for additional control applications.
+45 4453 1188;


Eight-channel desktop audio vectorscope features peak program meters, a surround-sound analyzer with graphic display, and analog and digital inputs; supports 2/0, 3/0, 3/1 and 3/2 (5.1) formats; modes include 31-band RTA, real-time vectorscopes (two and four channels), multiphase meters and an AES/EBU status monitor.
+49 221 709130;


Single-screen 15in SD monitor handles composite/S-video/component (HD/SD) and VGA/DVI-D/HDMI video; features two SD-SDI inputs and an SD-SDI active loop-through; can display eight channels of PPM over VU audio level meters, IMD, safe areas, frame marks, cropping, switchable aspect ratios and built-in color bars; available as a rack- or table-mount system, or can be used with a standard VESA mount.


Compact media extender enables long-distance transport of DVI, VGA, RGB and RGBHV signals up to 1920 × 1200 at 60Hz over a single copper for fiber interface cable; can be used as part of a switch matrix or as stand-alone distribution module; supports 1080p and is based on SMPTE 425 Level A format specs; rack mount holds up to two units in 1RU and stand-alone includes screw holes for rack-rail mounting; includes a USB configuration port for setup and diagnosis.

Cine 7+7 HD

Cine-style 100mm fluid head system features a front pan bar, sideload clamp, 6in wide displacement area, 16-step counterbalance and multicontact switching; offers payload range of 4.4lbs to 48.5lbs and seven horizontal and seven vertical adjustable levels of drag; available in five complete systems when matched with different types of tripods.


Network cables provide tactical Cat 5e Ethernet interconnection in a heavy-duty construction; available with Neutrik's etherCON data connectors or traditional RJ45 Ethernet connectors, both with colored boots for fast recognition, and in lengths ranging from 25ft to 250ft, with custom lengths to order.

Bridge Technologies

VideoBRIDGE module for monitoring and analysis of satellite signals with both DVB-S and DVB-S2 demodulation complements capabilities of VB250 for DVB-T networks and VB260 for cable networks; features QPSK capabilities including DiSEqC 2.x compliance, SNR and BER monitoring, analog RF carrier signal level measurements, built-in GPI and configurable round-robin transponder testing.
+47 22 38 51 00;

Element Technica

Mounting system replaces Velcro or gaffer tape to attach camera accessories; features a female V-LOCK interface and spring-loaded split clamp as well as a separate male V-LOCK that attaches to accessories to allow fast, easy mounting; anchors anywhere on a single 15mm or 19mm iris rod.

ClearVIEW HD-18

Robotic HD, single CCD PTZ camera offers high-quality HD/SD integration with Cat 5 cabling technology, a multielement wide dynamic lens with 18X zoom, “right light” compensation and freedom to choose any resolution.

SHR line

Digital fiber-optic video transmitter and receiver line consists of FVTFVR1010SHR single channel with data series, FVT/FVR4014SHR series with four video and four data channels and FVT/FVR8018SHR series with eight video and eight data channels; incorporate self-healing features that seamlessly reroutes the video and data transmission in the event of a broken fiber connection; bidirectional data transmission allows for the camera PTZ function to be controlled from any monitoring location.

MZF 8000

Filter module for the MKH 8000 microphone series; allows microphone series to provide excellent sound and climate resistance in tough broadcasting and film applications, effectively suppressing both handling and wind noise; signal level can be lowered via a high-quality pad that allows it to be optimally adapted to the recording equipment; is small and lightweight; ideal for boom applications.


Extra-flexible HD coax cable with three audio twisted pairs houses the audio and video components side by side; each audio pair is individually shielded and isolated with a mylar/foil shield and drain wire; features a precision, stranded, center conductor and double-braided shield; rated to a 4.5GHz bandwidth.

Aviom Pro64 Network Manager

Software control application provides global and device-specific information to the user, as well as remote control of every Pro64 device in a network using a PC connected to the I/O module set as the control master; connects to an audio network via RS-232; uses built-in managed mode to simplify tasks related to supporting and configuring Pro64 networks.


HDMI/DVI fiber link with HDCP copyright protection support provides bidirectional communication over one fiber, pixel-for-pixel image transport and a 100 percent 24-bit scan rate with no contouring or bit reduction; supports WUXGA up to 1920 × 1200 and is transparent with no frame dropping; allows transmissions of up to 1000m over multimode fiber.

Noise Industries
FxFactory v2.0.7

Visual effects software for Adobe After Effects CS 3/CS 4, Apple Final Cut Studio and Apple Final Cut Express applications offers more than 300 plug-ins; features improvements to all filters in the blur and glow categories; includes new PDF Animator, Alpha Merger and Perlin Noise generator modules.

WASPi Mimosa

Touch-screen-based broadcast presentation tool includes user-friendly features such as touch-screen controls, menu groups for creating custom menus and built-in telestration tools.
+91 120 430 8888;

OConnor Engineering

Encoded heavy-duty fluid head provides high-precision pan-and-tilt position information for cinema-quality visual effects production via an external 19-pin Fischer connector; features built-in encoders and doesn't require bolt-on assembly; can support up to a 120lb camera package through the entire tilt range of 90 degrees and can counterbalance up to 240lbs through a tilt range of 60 degrees.

Louma 2

Camera movement system built on an open-architecture platform features a newly developed arm for more than 24ft of telescopic travel and two- or three-axis remote head and leveling gear that can be switched easily from overslung to underslung and back; ShotAssist software handles pan compensation; includes custom trolleys and an operator's cart.

QVM6800+ Quad

Small-footprint, quad-split multiviewer in a card is designed to bring high-quality, multi-image processing functionality to the Harris 6800+ modular core processing platform; features minimum processing delays of less than one frame and integration with Harris CCS Navigator remote monitoring and control software; designed for AV studio and production applications and OB/mobile production vehicles.

Custom Consoles
System 2

Multielement furniture system accommodates free-standing or pod-mounted equipment such as graphics workstations and editing terminals; features a front-facing cable-access slot; includes the S2-01B desk and S2-02B monitor shelf, both electronically adjustable in height from 660mm to 1200mm.
+44 1525 379909


Graphics platform combines iTX with rtSoftwaretOG rendering engine to deliver 2D/3D graphics and real-time DVE effects; runs on an enhanced hardware platform; can handle CG compatibility as well as live video and DVE moves that can be previewed on the iTX desktop; creates resolution-independent graphics for SD, HD or Web streaming.

HaiVision Network Video

HD video encoder combines efficiencies of H.264 video compression and the image quality of full HD video within a compact form factor; supports SD and HD up to 1080p60; can produce multiple stream resolutions from a single source, send high bit rate video to required endpoints and provide lower-bandwidth video for mass consumption.

USB/FireWire Chassis Connectors

Connectors meet the demand for locakable and watertight digital interface connections; feature a sealing ring and D-style housing; offers optional screen-to-chassis grounding for improved shielding effectiveness.

Schneider Optics
Hollywood Black Magic

Diffusion filters for HD digital cameras remove blemishes and wrinkles while providing a smooth transition in the highlights; provide a wide range of diffusion choices and softening of bright highlights to control the exposure while maintaining rich blacks and colors; available in five strengths from 1/8 to two and in popular professional rectangular sizes for HD, DV and video, as well as screw-on sizes for professional DSLR photography.

USB Battery Management

Application includes battery management software and USB to Anton/Bauer battery mount adapter; downloads battery information via management software, which automatically opens a file based on the serial number and manufacture date and stores all data for usage tracking; displays essential information as well as remaining battery capacity; offers a user-definable capacity trip point selection.

Auralex Acoustics
Room Analysis Kit

Package for acoustical analysis includes an omnidirectional measurement mic, a USB drive featuring swept sine signals and a complete instructional guide; users can send files via e-mail for examination and receive a written report within five to seven business days detailing frequency response, impulse response, waterfall plots and reverberation time values.

Dielectric Communications

Low-power, circularly polarized antenna fills coverage gaps in networks; features lightweight aluminum construction with ABS Radome, single Type N or 7/16 DIN input and 65-degree beam width; can be configured in standard narrow and wide cardiods, peanut and omni azimuthal patters with various elevation gains; custom patterns are available upon request.