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New Charlotte Bobcats Arena opens with largest video displays in NBA

The main scoreboard in the new Charlotte Bobcats Arena measures 38ft high by 36ft wide by 36ft deep.

The newly inaugurated Charlotte Bobcats Arena opened earlier this month with four of the largest high-resolution video displays in the United States.

When the team played its first game in the arena Nov. 5, fans took in a view of a new scoreboard with four massive LED ProStar displays and multiple Daktronics fascia displays throughout the facility.

Components of the Daktronics integrated system include a center-hung scoreboard, super-sized LED fascia displays, shot and game clocks, backstop and end-of-period LED light strips, goal lights for hockey, locker room clocks, ticket window displays, retail store ticker displays, auxiliary scoreboards for the basketball practice court and two large outdoor video displays.

The center-hung scoreboard incorporates four 16ft by 28ft ProStar LED displays capable of displaying live and recorded video, scores and game time, statistics and other information. With the large high-resolution video screens, fans can see clear live video and replays. In addition, the high-resolution screens provide the flexibility to show different information simultaneously. The main scoreboard measures 38ft high by 36ft wide by 36ft deep and weighs nearly 80,000lbs.

Integrating and operating the system displays are Daktronics Venus controllers, V-Link video processors, All Sport controllers and DSTI statistics interface system.

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