New AP master control room supports organization’s HD transition

The Associated Press has turned to ATG Broadcast for help in completing a new HD master control room in Camden, London, as a key part of the global newsgathering organization’s worldwide transition to HD operations.

The new MCR is the international hub of global video operation. It serves Associated Press clients in many countries as well as providing a link to a global network of news bureaus.

“The new MCR is part of our HD infrastructure upgrade, providing a state-of-the-art video infrastructure for AP’s video operations,” explains AP technology manager, Global Video, Peter Watson. “The control room provides enhanced video monitoring and ergonomic workstations for the operational team.”

The new multi-seat MCR and transmission facility can accommodate five operators as well as a supervisor. Work on the system began in May when prefabrication commenced at ATG’s premises.

The MCR went live in October as scheduled. It is fully equipped for 1.5Gb/s operation, but with a core that can easily be upgraded to 3Gb/s when required. The project includes connection to existing architecture and migration of live services to the new area.