NEP rolls out Supershooter 18, 24 for FOX, CBS HD NFL coverage

Supershooter 18, a multi-format truck, was upgraded from digital to high definition over an eight-week period

NEP Supershooters has rolled out Supershooter 18 and Supershooter 24, the company’s latest HD mobile production trucks. The vehicles are being used for the high-definition production of the “A” NFL games for FOX Sports and CBS Sports.

Supershooter 18, a multi-format truck, was upgraded from digital to high definition over an eight-week period. NEP kept only the original trailer, audio and intercom structures, swapping everything else out for the new HD equipment.

The truck, which FOX uses for its NFL "A" game broadcasts, will produce football games in 720p, the FOX high-definition distribution standard. Thomson/Grass Valley LDK-6000 mk II Worldcam HD cameras with Canon lenses, a Kalypso HD duo video switcher and a Trinix SDI/HD router make up the core of the HD teleproduction gear.

Supershooter 18 also has a Calrec Alpha 5.1 digital audio console with a full complement of audio processing. The truck will also be outfitted with a number of conversion products to allow for multi-format operation to serve a wide variety of clients.

Supershooter 18 is scheduled to be used for the NFC Championship Game and the Super Bowl.

Supershooter 24 was built for CBS Sports. The unit takes advantage of two trailers to accommodate the HD equipment while providing additional space for the production team.

The twin trailers provide a 30-foot control room with 138 color monitors, a Sony MVS 8000 switcher with internal DVE and an Accom HD DVEous. Additionally, Supershooter 24 has ample seating, a kitchen and other amenities.

Supershooter 24’s "A" unit contains the production control room, transmission area and graphics room while the "B" unit houses the audio, video, main transmission and record/playback room.

It was used to open the NFL season with a nationally televised game in Pittsburgh, PA, NEP's headquarters. It also is scheduled to be used for CBS Sports' coverage of the NCAA Men's Basketball Championship, including the Final Four and Championship game.

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