NCP releases fourth HD truck

New Century Productions (NCP) is rolling out its fourth HD-capable vehicle in its fleet, the NCP-VIII, this August. The new truck will cover major sporting events throughout the country in the 1080i and 720p HD broadcast formats and numerous SD formats. NCP-VIII's first major event will be the US Open in New York.

The NCP-VIII will use Utah Scientific’s UTAH-400 router system, which consists of three router frames in one package, and includes a UTAH-400 288 by 576 video frame configured for 256 SD inputs with 288 analog NTSC and 96 SD outputs; a second UTAH-400 video frame loaded as a 128 by 128 HD router; and a UTAH-400 288 by 288 audio frame configured for 208 by 192 AES audio and 48 by 64 analog stereo audio. The entire system is controlled as single system via Utah Scientific's SC-4 control system.

NCP will have a single platform for all digital router applications, ranging from very small to extremely large matrix configurations, and will be able to handle all digital signal formats. The UTAH-400 is scaleable from eight by eight to 1152 by 1152, using a single family of matrix building blocks.

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