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NBC Weather Plus integrates local, network sources

A turnkey system from Leitch Technology is being used for NBC Weather Plus’ all digital local-network hybrid. (Photo courtesy Weather Central)

NBC Weather Plus, the newly launched DTV-based local-network weather hybrid venture, combines local and network content from disparate signal sources with a unique turnkey system that switches, converts aspect ratios and generates key signals.

The turnkey system, developed by Leitch, is deployed in NBC stations to support the 24-hour, all digital broadcast network. Leitch's Digital Turnaround Processor (DTP) is also incorporated into the system. DTP is designed for MPEG-2 transport stream switching, branding effects and rate control of up to one HD and four SD programs, or as many as six SD programs.

The baseband signal processing of the NBC Weather Plus systems include Leitch's NEO and 6800+ aspect ratio converters, frame synchronizers, downstream keyers, distribution amplifiers and digital audio multiplexers, as well as Videotek and Leitch Panacea routing switchers. The system receives audio and video signals from both local and network sources. It switches, aspect ratio converts and keys the signals before sending them to the NBC Weather Plus workstation.

The workstation output is then encoded, sent through the DTP, decoded for monitoring and converted to SMPTE 310 for air.

NBC Weather Plus combines national and local weather coverage with live reports throughout the day from local meteorologists. When viewers tune into NBC Weather Plus, the network's distinctive "L Bar" on the perimeter of the screen provides current temperatures as well as five-day and hour-by-hour forecasts in real time, 24 hours a day, even during commercials.

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