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NBC purchases Evertz's 7700-Series systems

Evertz Microsystems, a leading provider of innovative technology for the television creation and distribution community, is pleased to announce that NBC has purchased Evertz 7700-Series Modular Video/Audio Systems for its “Son of Skypath” Digital Network Distribution project.

Comprised of more than 2,000 7700-Series items, these systems are part of integrated packages being deployed at 189 NBC owned and affiliated stations to provide high-quality digital to analog conversion and processing of video and audio for multiple digital NBC Network broadcast feeds. The systems utilize the newly introduced Evertz 7735AVC-LB Composite Video Encoder and Digital-to-Analog Audio Converter, with additional modules providing system reference generation and signal distribution.

The 7735AVC-LB Composite Encoder is a broadcast quality, 10-bit component SDI to composite analog converter with audio demultiplexers and audio DACs. It also features a line synchronizing buffer used for re-timing output video up to one video line. The 7735AVC-LB incorporates Evertz’s unique patent pending “SoftSwitch” technology, assuring that audio glitches, present as “pops” and caused by hot-switching serial digital signals with embedded audio at different levels or with differing embedding phase, are minimized to provide ‘broadcast’ signal quality.

In addition, remote monitoring, control and configuration of the 7735AVC-LB is available via SNMP or through proprietary communication protocols via an RS-232 port interface. This multiple control capability provides maximum flexibility in system design and control.

According to Evertz’s President, Romolo Magarelli, “NBC needed cost-effective systems with rapid delivery and Evertz was able to meet this challenge. We were also able to quickly develop the “SoftSwitch” solution without impacting NBC’s project schedule.”

Evertz designs, manufactures and markets high quality video, audio and film equipment required by professional production and post-production facilities and television broadcasters worldwide.