NBC Olympics production relies on Sony

NBC Olympics is using a range of high-definition broadcast and production systems from Sony Electronics for the network’s coverage of the 2006 Winter Games from Torino, Italy.

The equipment includes studio cameras, camcorders, switchers, VTRs, monitors, videoconferencing systems and professional videotape. These products will be used by NBC in an array of applications during the Torino Games, from the International Broadcast Center (IBC) to individual athletic venues.

Sony’s HDC-1000 multiformat 1080/60p portable cameras are being used to capture the action at the Main Broadcast Center as well as several venues, sending signals to Sony’s MVS-8000A and MFS-2000 video production switchers.

The HDCAM HDW-730S camcorder is being used for field acquisition. In NBC’s operations center, several types of Sony VTRs are being used, including the HDCAM HDW-M2000, HDW-D2000 and the SRW-5500 professional models.

NBC also is using 70 of Sony’s BVM-D HD mastering monitors, which display each input signal at its native frequency and resolution with a high degree of color accuracy. Models being used include the BVM-D14H5U, BVM-D20F1U, BVM-D24E1WU and BVM-D32E1WU units.

The network also is employing more than 300 LUMA professional LCD monitors, including Sony’s latest line of two-piece multiformat monitors. More than 150 LUMA LMD-9050 9in multiformat field monitors will be used due to their HD-SDI interface.

For more information, visit www.sony.com/news.

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