NBC automates management of global satellite operations

NBC has tapped ScheduALL and ILC for the complex task of managing its several satellite desks around the world, each of which utilizes its own unique resources. ScheduALL and ILC have partnered to provide NBC Satellite Operations with an integrated solution for automated end-to-end coordination of network services. The combination of the two companies’ scheduling and network management systems allows NBC staff to book, initiate and track content feeds and other network-based transmission functions with minimal human intervention.

ScheduALL’s ScheduLINK resource management solution for satellite transmission and fiber operations is currently used by NBC to manage the broadcaster’s London, New York and Charlotte newsgathering operations using satellite and fiber networks. ScheduLINK allows each department at NBC to work independently, yet maintain constant awareness of other department schedules, transmission activity and demand for resources such as VTRs, routers and network devices.

With this solution, NBC staff can continue to schedule events as they always have. The ScheduLINK system in turn notifies ILC’s MaxView network control system to make the appropriate adjustments ¯ such as tuning satellite frequencies or moving the dish ¯ so that transmission or reception can take place as scheduled. The MaxView system automates the bulk of the process, flipping all the necessary switches, performing bandwidth allocation and mapping tasks, resolving network-use conflicts and polling ScheduLINK to ensure all events are completed successfully.

For more information, visit www.scheduall.com and www.ilc.com/broadcast.html.

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