Nagravision launches Push VOD service over DVB

Nagravision, a content protection specialist, has provided its DVB-based push video-on-demand security solution for the new Premiere VOD network in Germany.

The service enables subscribers to get up to 30 top movies per week downloaded on to the Premiere Digital Recorder (PDR). The movies are downloaded onto the hard-drive via a push video-on-demand system that operates via satellite. After the order via phone, text message or Internet, the movies are available for the viewer during 24 hours. Movie watching can be paused, rewound, fast-forwarded, viewed in slow motion and seamlessly resumed at will.

Nagra DVR Push Content-on-Demand is a complete security solution for operators wishing to provide transaction-based content-on-demand on digital video recorders. Using the Nagra system, content is encoded, encrypted, and transferred to the DVR hard-disk drive, and offered for rental or purchase to the subscriber.

All rights associated to the stored content are managed by the Nagravision CA system. The transaction is also handled by the CA system and billing information provided to the Subscriber Management System in the head-end. Content can be in any format as file-based transfer is used to enable audio, video, data, games, etc. to be “pushed” by an operator to the subscribers’ hard-disk drive.

Nagra said its system uses file-based content download to enable the transmission of discrete content rather than the streaming of videos. While such systems are typical in Internet Protocol networks, Nagravision provides the first implementation of a content-on-demand system using MPEG-2 TS “files” that can be downloaded quickly over DVB networks.

Nagravision’s smartcard technology and other security features enable the secure downloading of content — a pre-requisite for operators to obtain high quality content.

On the head-end side, the solution includes a content management application that allows content to be imported, edited, planned, encoded, encrypted and played-out to the set-top-box at whatever bit rate and at whatever time the operator desires. All legal requirements such as contractual obligations and reporting are managed by the content management application.

DVR-based content-on-demand using the Nagravision solution can be deployed on any type of network. New business benefits can be seen on satellite and terrestrial networks that have traditionally been unable to provide “on demand” services. The Nagra content-on-demand system DRM components work in both one-way (no return path available) and two-way (return path available) models.

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