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Model SKU-RGB corrects skew in transmission of HD

Hall Research recently added the Model SKU-RGB to its video over UTP product line. This compact device can be used to correct horizontal misalignment (or skew) between the red, green and blue video components that inevitably occur in the transmission of high-resolution video over Cat5/5e/6 cables.

The Model SKU-RGB device allows the user to shift each color to the right or left to achieve perfect focus, and then store the setting in non-volatile memory. With a standard HD15 connector for input and output, it can correct the skew regardless of any proprietary technique for video over UTP and works with any manufacturer's VGA or component video over UTP product.

Color skew is caused by twist ratio difference inherent in all standard UTP cables. The SKU-RGB can advance or delay each color component with respect to others at the display to achieve perfect focus.

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