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Mobile TV producers score in Super Bowl XLVI

One of the main goals of mobile TV during big sporting events is hitting the numbers, and this past weekend’s Super Bowl ramped up to big numbers as far as viewership goes. InMobi, arguably the largest independent mobile ad networks that tracks these successes, has some killer numbers for the big game. Almost 40 percent of viewers used their mobile devices to respond to TV ads during the game, and a beefy 45 percent estimated they spent at least half an hour with their devices during the actual game.

What made up a good majority of this time spent? Watching commercials on mobile and re-watching commercials viewed during the breaks. Many advertisers tied in their video to more video online, or connected to mobile-only advertising.

The study shows that a lot of the use went to watching TV ads, discussing various commercials and getting information about certain products. Interestingly, almost twice as many on the survey used their mobile devices in the first half of the game as opposed to the second half. This is a key piece of info for producers and advertisers, as many can plan to target the early hours of casual viewing as opposed to the typically tense ending, where mobile use may drop off.

In general mobile was up across the board over last year, and mobile TV once again tied in serendipitously to broadcast TV.