Microsoft to run iTX from OmniBus Systems

Microsoft Studios has selected OmniBus Systems’ iTX software-based transmission system to support a new cable network that will deliver a wide variety of content to Microsoft employees and partners. By replicating the entire transmission chain, iTX will enable Microsoft Studios to leverage its advanced production and post-production facilities to launch and maintain low-cost cablecasting services with maximum efficiency.

The iTX automation solution, which will be installed at Microsoft Studios' 65,000sq ft facility in Redmond, WA, replaces equipment such as routers, digital video effects (DVE) boxes and master control units. To ensure an open, supported development environment, OmniBus built iTX on the Microsoft .NET Framework. With the combination of iTX and the Microsoft DirectShow application programming interface, Microsoft Studios can ensure high-quality capture and playback of multimedia streams and simplify playback, format conversion and content-capture tasks.

iTX relies on a flexible file-sharing environment, in which content can be easily managed and accessed. Because it is a complete solution that operates on standard IT hardware rather than proprietary legacy systems, iTX will dramatically reduce Microsoft Studio's cablecasting costs by eliminating the need for specialized hardware.

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