Mexico’s Channel 22 Monitors With Triveni Digital

PRINCETON, N.J. — Triveni Digital announced that XEIMT-TV Channel 22, a cultural and educational television station in Mexico, has deployed Triveni Digital’s StreamScope MT-40 real-time DTV transport stream monitor and analyzer in its network operations center and transmitter site. Through the StreamScope MT-40’s graphical user interface, Channel 22 can analyze the integrity of its transport streams more efficiently.

Installed by Mexican systems integrator Promexar, Triveni Digital’s StreamScope MT-40 transport stream monitor helps Channel 22 maintain compliance with all industry broadcast standards in addition to the station’s business requirements. Channel 22’s system is customized to include support for QAM, ASI, and GigE. After identifying errors in the IP layer and payload elements of the MPEG transport stream, the StreamScope MT-40 automatically switches to a backup stream, maximizing the station’s uptime.

Engineers receive alarms via email and text message so that they can troubleshoot errors quickly, as well as analyze and resolve chronic or network-wide issues. Audio monitoring capabilities ensure that Channel 22 is compliant with loudness specifications per ITU-R Recommendation BS.1770.

The StreamScope MT-40 was integrated with an existing Triveni Digital GuideBuilder PSIP generation system.