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Mexican cable operator deploys Chyron BlueNet workflow

Cable operator PCTV is installing four Chyron HyperX³·¹ on-air graphics systems at its teleport and main studio in Mexico City to bring a state-of-the-art BlueNet graphics workflow into its live sports and entertainment production environment.

The Chyron systems will support daily graphics production and playout, as well as production of high-profile sports events held in Mexico and around the world. PCTV will leverage Chyron’s new SHOUT 2.0 Social Media Editor to bring social media conversations to air quickly and easily.

“We began our transition to digital television three years ago, and the installation of the HyperX³·¹ systems will enable us to take another significant step forward in distinguishing our broadcasts with a modern look,” said Jorge Etienne, engineering director at PCTV.

“With our new HyperX³·¹ systems, we will be able to speed up our workflows and realize a better ROI.”

PCTV’s custom BlueNet workflow includes the HyperX³·¹, Chyron’s flagship on-air graphics system. Chyron’s Lyric PRO graphics creation software is a standard feature of HyperX³·¹ that will enable the graphics department at PCTV to take graphics from concept to air quickly. PCTV also will use the SHOUT application to monitor and route social media conversations to its HyperX³·¹ graphics systems for playout.

“The HyperX³·¹ meets our requirements by enabling a strong, interoperable, and collaborative workflow that is fully integrated with our news center, and by providing compatibility with third-party software without rendering,” said David Palma, director of operations at PCTV. “As a result, we expect to achieve a better on-air look that helps to strengthen our relationships with sponsors and drive viewer ratings even higher.”