Meridiano Television acquires Fujinon HD zoom lens

Meridiano Television, Venezuela’s largest terrestrial sports network, recently selected and is now using Fujinon’s XA101x8.9BESM long-range, HD zoom lens.

In its first outing in late March, the lens was used for the Libertadores Cup, an international soccer competition, for FOX Sports. Meridiano plans to deploy the lens at all of its upcoming sporting events, including the Caribbean World Series, Series del Caribe.

The XA101x will be used during the network’s extensive baseball, soccer and tennis coverage.

Nearly all of Meridiano’s lenses are from Fujinon. The company currently has two AH50X9.5ESM telephoto ENG lenses, three A20x8.6 EFP lenses and a CPT-70 pan/tilt system.

The XA101x8.9BESM zoom offers 101x magnification and image stabilization. It has an extremely wide angle for a high magnification sports lens, which makes it well suited to shoot widescreen 16:9 HD as well as 4:3 standard-definition images. The XA101x8.9BESM includes Fujinon’s built-in OS-Tech optical stabilization system for rock-steady, crystal-clear image capture, while the built-in moisture removal system will keep the lens operating under the harshest conditions.

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