MediaFLO USA leverages MobileMedia to deliver TV to mobile handsets

Dielectric is helping MediaFLO USA deliver content to mobile phones. The company’s MobileMedia radio frequency antennas, RF filters, rigid transmission lines and FLEXLine cables are being integrated into the transmitting sites of MediaFLO’s nationwide mobile wireless TV network. MediaFLO USA, a Qualcomm subsidiary, will deliver video and audio multimedia programming, including Clipcast (short-format) and IP datacasting content, to 3G mobile handsets via its wireless multicast network.

Dielectric leveraged its experience in designing broadcast systems to engineer a full line of RF products to enable high-quality multicasting for the mobile video and audio market designed to transmit between 700MHz and 1.7GHz at the maximum allowable ERP.

Dielectric's MobileMedia antenna series includes slotted coaxial, panel and stripline antennas that can be horizontally, vertically, circularly or elliptically polarized and customized. These antennas are expressly designed for applications in the MobileMedia spectrum and are compact and lightweight.

Dielectric's MobileMedia RF filters range in power from 100W to 10kW and are custom-designed for each specific application. Dielectric draws on its experience gained in UHF, VHF and higher spectrum applications, in conjunction with Lean and Six Sigma processes, to design RF solutions for the mobile video and audio market.

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