Media company secures services for distribution of channel portfolio

A $22 million U.S. media production and distribution company has secured origination, monitoring and uplinking services for the media company's channel portfolio.

The media company has tapped Globecomm to design and construct a network operations center and dedicated uplink facility at its world headquarters in Hauppauge, NY, which will be used to broadcast the media company's content to authorized sites throughout the country. The company anticipates completion of the facility in its fiscal third quarter ending March 31, 2007 and anticipates recognizing revenues under the agreement soon thereafter.

Throughout the past five years, Globecomm has invested a significant amount of capital, expanding its service line offerings beyond IP-based voice and data services to include broadcast video and positioning the company for the shift towards IPTV. Globecomm's video capabilities have expanded to include the turnaround and monitoring of 24 video channels on a global basis and the design and installation of one of the industry's first satellite-based IPTV facilities.

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