Manitoba Moose installs new controllers for home hockey game replays

True North Sports & Entertainment, owner of the Manitoba Moose hockey team, has installed two DNF ST300-DSR1K-T Slow-Motion Controllers for the MTS Centre, located in downtown Winnipeg, Manitoba. The Moose team — an American Hockey League affiliate of the Vancouver Canucks — is using DNF’s controllers in its digital video production room for instant replays and slow-motion playback. The DNF controllers operate the facility’s four Sony DSR-DR1000 digital hard-disk recorders during Moose home games.

Four Sony DXC-D50 cameras capture on-ice action and record footage onto the four DSR-DR1000 stream-based hard-disk recorders. The ST300-DSR1K-T controllers allow operators to mark cue points on the fly and play back video instantly without disrupting the recording process. They also provide VTR-like control so operators can bring Moose fans instant replays and slow-motion playback of key plays via the arena’s main video screen, a full-color Daktronics ProStar LED display. Also included in the new system is a Ross Synergy 1-MLE video production switcher.

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