Mackie releases DL1608

Mackie has announced the release of the DL1608 live sound mixer.

Though iPad control is the sexy attraction, the DL1608 may thrive for its feature set and price/performance attributes. A 16-channel digital console that clocks in at a light 7.9lbs, this unit tucks under your arm and can be had for under a grand on the street. It features 16 of the Mackie Onyx mic pre-amps that have been established as high quality and an excellent value for years.

Six aux sends, internal plug-ins (you can choose from a suite of available plug-ins) that can be accessed through the iPad, which docks neatly into the DL1608, and a host of other features you can learn about on the Mackie site (opens in new tab), make the DL1608 an intriguing addition to the live sound marketplace.