Linear Acoustic addresses AC-3 synchronization anomalies with LA-5448

Linear Acoustic unveiled its LA-5448 system that corrects timing and synchronization anomalies in AC-3 digital audio bit streams and eliminates many problems caused by poorly formatted signals. This multi-input AC-3 frame synchronizer and rate shaper maintains consistent, error-free AC-3 bit streams that are critical for high-quality audio transmission.

Frame synchronization locks incoming AC-3 streams to a local 48kHz AES reference. This reference can be either PCM or AC-3. With a 48kHz AC-3 reference, all outputs are both frequency and phase synchronized. This reference input can be optionally used as a fourth processing channel, assuming that its input is already locked to a local reference. The LA-5448 operates in a similar fashion to a video frame synchronizer, skipping or repeating a frame of audio to maintain synchronization.

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