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LG.Philips showcases LCD displays at 2006 CES

At CES in Las Vegas this year, LG.Philips LCD showcased its 55in full HD panel featuring 1920 x 1080, two-megapixels resolution, and a contrast ratio of 1200:1, The company also demonstrated 37-, 42-, and 47in, full HD TFT-LCDs with a 1600:1 contrast ratio.

All of the LG.Philips panels feature a wide viewing angle of 178 degrees, maximum brightness of 600 cd/m2, and up to 8ms gray-to-gray response time.

LG.Philips also showed portrait mode LCDs in 42-, 47- and 55in sizes that also offer UXGA (1920 x 1080) resolution designed for use as digital information displays.

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