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Leveraging the full potential of a signage infrastructure

Digital signage offers an integration and leverage of business communications approaches. The infrastructure of a digital signage network can rotate hundreds of static, animated, or video messages while also scrolling or rolling text or visuals. The highest value comes when that infrastructure is used for display to different audiences of different content.

Each display can be designated to a particular purpose during the day. Or, by placing the displays on a metaphorical swivel, it could be staff-facing in the morning for orientation or training, customer-facing for merchandising during business hours, and management-facing in the evening for sunset situation reviews/wrap-ups. Staff or patron communication could include live, private-to-location broadcasts of events and presentations that advance revenue and branding achievement.

These marketing approaches can leverage the digital signage network, providing greater service options, improving the customer experience and align enterprise messages, while providing non-display revenues for the signage network provider.

Digital signage offers a paradigm shift in business communications aimed at brand building and revenue achievement. The opportunity is for enterprises to sidestep many costs while dramatically improving communications results.

Contributing DSU writer Lyle Bunn is director, digital signage and rich media at BTV+.

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