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Leitch rolls out VelocityQ-based live nonlinear multi-camera editing

Leitch's new solution for multi-camera editing can edit and record from multiple input sources simultaneously.

Leitch Technology has introduced a new solution for multi-camera editing based on the VelocityQ nonlinear editing system.

The new configuration combines the product's fully integrated, full-quality multi-camera editing capabilities with the ability to edit and record simultaneously from multiple input sources. It can edit multi-camera programs interactively from the live input feeds, which are also recorded separately to disk.

In this configuration, which supports four-camera interactive switching, a dedicated ingest station captures each live input source. Running the Leitch QIngest software, the Quattrus-based ingest stations record the live feeds to a shared storage area network. A complete VelocityQ editing system using the same shared storage can begin editing these sources immediately, even as they are still being recorded.

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