Leader announces new rasterizing HD-SD analyzer

Leader's new LV7700 rasterizing HD-SDI analyzer is designed to feed an existing computer monitor.

Leader has announced an addition to its range of digital test equipment. Conforming to 17 HD and SD standards, the LV7700 rasterizing digital signal analyzer delivers all the analytical features of the LV5750 broadcast analyzer in a compact unit.

The LV7700 employs front-panel controls similar to the portable LV5750 and studio-optimized LV5700A. Waveform monitor and vectorscope functions are provided, including cursor measurements, filters, gain and timing control. Line-select capabilities allow detailed signal examination. Safe-action, safe-title and aspect-ratio markers can be generated over the picture display.

Waveform, vector, picture, audio and status/protocol screens can be selected individually or as four-in-one simultaneous displays. All screens can be captured and stored for subsequent superimposition over live measurements.

Dual auto-sensing SD/HD inputs are provided. External reference is sourced from HD tri-level sync or NTSC/PAL black burst. Test results are output via a DVI-I connector and can drive VGA/XGA monitors. All functions can be controlled from the front panel or remotely via Ethernet. When used with Leader's FS3019 control software, the LV7700 can also be integrated into a single system for remote operation via an Internet link.

For more information, visit www.leaderusa.com.

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