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Latens launches new content and revenue protection solution into U.S. market

Latens Systems, a content and revenue protection provider based in Belfast, Northern Ireland, is targeting the broadband and cable markets in the U.S. for its conditional access and VOD products for IPTV and pay-television networks.

The company’s Video Encryption Engine (VEE) provides cable and broadband operators with what Latens calls a fast and cost-effective method of encrypting video for VOD distribution.

Latens said operators employing its VEE can move towards the “never in the clear” architectures that are being increasingly demanded in contract negotiations between VOD operators and content companies. This ensures that the content is never unencrypted between ingest and viewing. VEE encrypts the video and passes it to a VOD server for ongoing distribution to the consumer, where it is decrypted using Latens next generation Secure Software Modules in the set-top box.

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