KWTV-TV deploys Telestream MAPreview

Oklahoma City’s locally owned and operated television station, KWTV, has deployed Telestream’s MAPreview digital video capture and logging solution. KWTV chose the Telestream solution to replace its massive tape-based video archives with a file-based, digital archiving solution.

Using MAPreview, KWTV now captures and archives all station programming 24/7 in Windows Media 9 format onto MAP media capture servers. These programs are held for nine months for BMI and ASCAP audits, ad-run verification, program analysis and executive review. MAPreview also captures and archives KWTV’s two competitors’ programs. These programs are held for one month and used by the marketing and news departments for competitive review. In addition, newscasts are archived in higher resolution formats for awards submission.

MAPreview provides multi-feed media recording, organization and desktop viewing in one server-based application. Metadata such as closed captioning, timecode, keyframes, labels, and as-run logs are captured during ingest, plus custom metadata labels can be added to enable searching. KWTV programmed their MAPreview to automatically display ratings data with the video every 15 minutes. They also use it to confirm proper closed captioning on the video.

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