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K-WILL addresses lip sync measurement issues

K-WILL has responded to industry concerns about the lack of quality lip sync technology by enhancing the QuMax 2000, its video and audio quality monitoring device for HD and SD. The QuMax 2000 automatically detects video and audio errors in real time, including lip sync.

By using frame-based technology, broadcasters can detect lip sync measurement errors by comparing the original outbound signal with what is being received at different points along the transmission chain, allowing several lip sync measurements to identify where the audio and video start to drift from each other. K-WILL's QuMax 2000 can detect how far lip sync has drifted, down to the frame level. With room for up to 12 input boards, several samples can be taken.

Image and audio quality is maintained because QuMax's real-time lip sync measurement does not inject potentially corrupting markers. This also allows for other video quality measurements to be made along with lip sync evaluation.

The QuMax 2000's new lip sync technology can be seen for the first time at NAB2007, booth #N1531.

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