Kramer launches firewire matrix switcher

Kramer’sVS-66FW firewire matrix switcher/hub.

Kramer Electronics introduced the VS-66FW firewire matrix switcher, which allows the switching of six bi-directional firewire devices and can function as a firewire hub.

The VS- 66FW operates bi-directionally and offers automatic branch/leaf configuration. It can be operated with firewire implementation of the IEEE 1394-1995 and the IEEE 1394A standards at data rates of up to 400Mb/s.

The VS-66FW supports isochronous and asynchronous transfers as well as hot insertion and removal, and can be controlled via the front panel buttons, the infrared remote control transmitter, contact closure and remotely by RS-485 or RS-232 serial commands transmitted by a touch screen system, PC, or other serial controller.

An LED display on the front panel shows the current status of the matrix, and the built-in non-volatile memory stores and retrieves up to 15 pre-set configurations. The VS-66FW is housed in a 19in 1U rack-mountable enclosure.

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