King World digitally expands with Pro-Bel

King World Productions has purchased and completed the installation of a range of Pro-Bel equipment as part of a complete digital upgrade of the Inside Edition West Coast Bureau. The move enables faster turnaround of output on the syndicated newsmagazine show.

The newsmagazine is headquartered in New York and has a large West Coast Bureau, which feeds taped material daily to New York. The decision to move the program from analog to digital, as well as the implementation of nonlinear editing, prompted an overhaul of the West Coast facilities.

King World Productions in conjunction with Skylite Media gutted their existing facility and installed a new machine room, which was built off-site, and integrated a new editing system. To support the transition, a Pro-Bel hybrid router was put in place. It is capable of switching between both digital and analog sources and translating them without the need for any additional external equipment.

The company invested in a Pro-Bel Sirius 7 rack unit frame – configured with a 24x16 digital video layer, a 16x16 analog layer and a 24x24 audio layer. They also installed a Pro-Bel Freeway RS-422 machine control system, which has the capability for 32 ports and a Freeway 32x32 time code router. The new Pro-Bel routing system has four control panels.

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