John Henderson receives 2005 Bernard J. Lechner Award from the ATSC

John Henderson, a veteran of ACATS, ATSC, and CEA processes has been named the 2005 recipient of the Bernard J. Lechner Award.

Henderson chairs both the T3/S10 specialist group on Receivers and the T3/S11 specialist group on Compliance. Currently, T3/S10 is writing a voluntary Recommended Practice that contains receiver front-end performance guidelines. Clearly searching for the right word to describe the group’s sometimes highly charged deliberations, Henderson settled on “exciting.” Henderson’s immersion in consumer electronics product development and technology application began immediately upon graduation from college, when he joined RCA Laboratories.

He continued with RCA Labs and its successor, Sarnoff, until 1991, when he joined Hitachi America R&D. As an individual contributor, team member, or manager with RCA and Sarnoff, he has contributed to television tuner control systems, IF filter design, video, and to systems brought by Sarnoff to the ACATS process.

At Hitachi, he has managed digital TV, cable modem, and wireless modem product design. He holds more than 25 issued U.S. patents and has presented numerous papers in these areas. He is a Fellow of the IEEE and received a BSEE cum laude from the University of Pennsylvania and an MSE from Princeton University.

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