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Japanese station to broadcast baseball tournament in SRS Circle Surround

Mainichi Broadcasting System will broadcast an upcoming high school baseball tournament in SRS Circle Surround 5.1. The terrestrial broadcaster will use the technology to encode the audio portion of its telecast of the 77th National High School Baseball Invitational Tournament.

When CS is used for live sports programming, broadcasters can transmit the audio sensation of the live event directly to the home by using industry-standard stereo broadcasting as a carrier for surround sound. The patented CS technology provides up to 6.1 channels of discrete audio for distribution or broadcast over existing two-channel carriers such as SD and HD television, analog and digital radio, streaming media, CDs and VHS tapes. All 32 matches of the tournament, which began March 23, will be relayed by GAORA via the communications satellite broadcasting system. The semifinal and the final matches of the tournament will be broadcast in both conventional terrestrial TV broadcasting with the SRS Circle Surround System, and to the terrestrial digital TV broadcasting with the 5.1 channel discrete surround system.

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