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ILC unveils MaxView 5.0 for broadband management

MaxView 5.0 for broadband is the first product that consolidates management of multi-technology hybrid networks into one view and enables direct control of network device activity.

ILC has unveiled version 5.0 of its MaxView Suite, management software that alleviates many of the common network management problems that confront service providers delivering IPTV, VoIP, and other broadband services.

MaxView 5.0 for broadband consolidates management of multi-technology hybrid networks into one view, enables direct control of network device activity, and provides unlimited scalability all in a single solution.

The company said a major operations challenge continues to stand between service providers and the approximately $8 billion in revenue analysts are forecasting they will generate from broadband services over the next five years. To reliably deliver these services, they must be able to control service levels across the multi-technology networks upon which these services rely.

MaxView 5.0 solves this problem by enabling providers to automatically provision and assure services across all technologies residing in a hybrid broadband network.

MaxView can handle bidirectional communication with any type of device, system or application. This gives operators the ability to control the actions of devices on the network. Its object modeling functionality allows for the direct assimilation of all network devices into the system. Also, MaxView’s architecture allows unlimited scalability so that communications companies can easily grow their management system as their broadband network expands.

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