Grupo Televisa installs HD broadcast solutions for 2006 World Cup

Grupo Televisa has almost completed its Spanish-language coverage of the 2006 FIFA World Cup soccer tournament on its two HD channels that serve the population of Mexico. The company poured a large sum of money to upgrade its infrastructure before the start of the tournament, and when it concludes, Grupo Televisa will continue using it to broadcast general programming via its local stations in HD.

The company is using Miranda’s monitoring, channel branding and signal processing systems to support its HD coverage of the tournament. Grupo Televisa installed Miranda’s HD-capable Kaleido-K2 multi-image display processor, PresStation master control switching and channel branding system, and a broad range of distribution and signal processing modules in the network’s Mexico City facilities.

Miranda’s 32-input Kaleido-K2 multi-image display processor enables Grupo Televisa personnel to monitor both local and remote production. Fully integrated with the network’s routing switchers, master control switching and facility-monitoring-over-IP systems, the system allows HD, SD and analog video to be displayed in high resolution, up to 1920 by 1200 pixels on the facility’s Tamuz LCD displays, with comprehensive signal probing reported on-screen, or via SNMP for logging and strategic views.

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