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Greek sports network to improve workflow

Netmed, a large Greek sports network that distributes programming on five satellite TV channels, will update its ability to store, index and search clips on its tape library.

The sports network will rely on ETERE to provide a total digital archive and asset management and transcoding system. With the new system, Netmed personnel can ingest large volumes of material simultaneously, insert metadata, search a content database, preview material and select the right content from the query search result list.

The system controls six VTRs for ingest, 17 Pinnacle Systems Vortex I/Os connected to a Palladium central storage, which provides 1040 hours of DV25 material and a 34TB StorageTek SL500 LTO2 tape library.

The system provides multifunction recording through which an operator can manually ingest material from external feeds or VTR sources. Scheduled recording automates the ingest process.

The library is a deep archive that holds all of the assets of a totally tapeless television operation. It is based on a StorageTek SL500, which is made available to free up space on the video server storage.

The ETERE transcoder automatically converts video files and to produce browse-quality copies of the video. Frame accuracy is guaranteed from source to destination files. It conforms all Vortex digitized files to VMW format creating its own low resolution content database.

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