Grass Valley, Iomega announce OEM and joint technology development agreement

Grass Valley's Turbo iDDR with an Iomega REV disk.

Thomson has announced an OEM and joint technology development agreement between its Grass Valley business and Iomega.

Under the agreement, Grass Valley will integrate Iomega REV removable disk technology into a number of products starting with the Grass Valley Pro Line of Professional audio/video (ProAV) products. The first of these to feature Iomega REV built-in drives is the Grass Valley Turbo iDDR. Iomega and Grass Valley will also work to develop REV technologies for a broader set of professional applications.

Iomega REV technology includes standards-based removable disk media and drives, and is capable of holding more than two hours of 25Mb/s SD or HD video.

Iomega REV technologies combine the advantages of videotape media and hard disk drives. REV drives and disks offer standards-based, high-capacity, durable, and readily available media that provides nonlinear random access. With data rates up to 200Mb/s, they support faster-than-real-time import and export directly from the media supporting content and high-speed data transfers over common network connections. The REV drive and removable disk media are also robust and extremely durable. Its long-term archival capability is estimated at more than 30 years.

REV architecture places only the magnetic media and motor within the removable cartridge, leaving all the sensitive drive heads and electronics in the drive itself. The REV disk features 35 Gigabytes of storage.

The Turbo iDDR can hold 10 to 40 hours of storage, perform the work of up to three VTRs, and can capture and deliver complex content in multiple formats. The Turbo iDDR with Iomega REV built-in offers a removable media device with high-speed and large storage capacity.

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For a complete review of the REV disk storage technology, see the July issue of Broadcast Engineering magazine.

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