Grass Valley announces new software release for GV STRATUS

Grass Valley has announced a new software release for its GV STRATUS nonlinear production system. The GV STRATUS is designed to deliver greater workflow efficiency by enabling users to work collaboratively and accomplish tasks in parallel.

The new release includes new tools to increase workflow efficiency through automated, rules-based file operations. It also introduces the EDIUS XS nonlinear low-resolution proxy editor. EDIUS XS includes most of the effects capability of the full-resolution EDIUS editor, delivering unmatched capability for newsroom desktop editing and also opening the door to production workflows that have previously required more expensive full-resolution editors.

Based on a unique combination of an SOA and an easy-to-use GUI, the GV STRATUS application framework brings the concept of nonlinear production — where production and distribution operations merge onto a single collaborative platform — to broadcasters and media companies of all sizes.