Fujinon lenses are being deployed to cover the first World Cup produced in HD

Three billion people worldwide are expected to watch the 2006 FIFA World Cup which will take place June 9 through July 9 in Germany.
Fujinon is providing more than 100 HD lenses to the teleproduction companies covering the event.

The 2006 FIFA World Cup will feature 64 matches being held at 12 stadiums throughout Germany. More than 180 broadcasters worldwide have licensed the rights to broadcast the official video and audio “pool feed” being produced exclusively by Host Broadcast Services (HBS) for Federation Internacionale de Football Association (FIFA ).

While they cannot produce telecasts of the games themselves, broadcasters will be able to produce supplemental programming to tailor their coverage to the needs of their particular audiences. To do so, many will employ their own or third-party OB production services, which will park alongside the World Cup stadium venues.

Among the OB truck companies being deployed to the World Cup games are Studio Berlin Adlershof (SBS), Germany; WIGE-TV, Germany; Visual TV, France; and Media Pro, Spain. These OB truck companies expect to provide seven teleproduction vans, six of which will broadcast from the stadiums with the seventh serving as a spare.

Among the more than 100 Fujinon HD lenses these OB vans will provide are 22 HA13x4.5BERD-S; 10 HA22x7.8BERDs; two HA18x7.6BERDs; four HA26X6.7BESMs; two HA42x9.7BERDs; and one HA26x6.7BESM with Precision Focus Assist technology.

The complement of Fujinon lenses also includes:

  • 51 XA87x9.3BESMs
  • nine XA101x8.9BESMs with Precision Focus Assist technology
  • four XA87x9.3BESMs
  • three XA72x9.3BESMs
  • two XA87x13.2BESMs

For the 2006 FIFA World Cup, FIFA and HBS elected to produce the games in 1080/50i (16:9 widescreen) HD.

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