Front Porch Digital and Grass Valley team for newsroom archives

At NAB2006, Front Porch Digital and Grass Valley demonstrated a tight integration of Front Porch's DIVArchive with Grass Valley NewsBrowse Web-based browser/editing system and K2 Media Server and Media Client systems.

The combination of these products offers a powerful set of tools to increase the performance, efficiency and creativity of global newsroom operations. The system is scalable, providing cost efficiencies necessary to meet the needs of smaller broadcasters as well as the largest newsroom archives in the world.

The two companies have a long history of working together. Over the past three years, Front Porch has deployed DIVArchive in more than 30 broadcast facilities using Grass Valley Profile XP Media Platform servers. Front Porch is now working with Grass Valley to deploy DIVArchive, NewsBrowse and K2 servers in eight global customer facilities worldwide.

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