Fox's Speed Channel monitors with Volicon Observer

With the Volicon Observer, Speed Channel's staff members monitor all of its programming, storing video for up to 90 days at a time.

Volicon, a provider of video monitoring technology, has announced that the Fox Network's Speed Channel has deployed its Observer desktop video monitoring system to provide proof of performance of sponsored elements during broadcasts.

In addition to traditional commercials, Speed airs several sponsored elements during races. The network needed a way of identifying for sponsors exactly when and where a particular element was run. Unlike a commercial, which is routed through Speed's traffic system with a special ID, sponsored elements are not as easily identifiable.

With the Volicon Observer, Speed's staff members use the system's closed-caption search functionality to find key words, such as a sponsor name, within a specified time window, locate exactly when and where the sponsored element ran, create a clip of it and e-mail or FTP it to the client.

Speed uses Observer to monitor all its programming, storing video for up to 90 days at a time. Material is reviewed for on-air discrepancies, signal problems, or other issues.

Volicon Observer is a multichannel desktop video, audio, and data monitoring system that allows users to capture broadcast assets from multiple A/V sources, view those assets from a traditional Windows-based desktop via a Web interface, search and retrieve them and export them to interested parties.

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