NAB 2003New Products Part 3

Newsroom Systems
Crispin (SU5651):
Crispin will be introducing the NewsPlayX, a live news automation system that works in conjunction with most news automation systems. It translates the rundown and executes the playback while controlling video servers, switchers, tape machines, and many other devices. It maps the news system rundown to different server channels to allow back-to-back video transition overlapping, and supports simultaneous playback of mirrored video servers for redundancy. As part of the Crispin System2000/3000 automation family, NewsPlayX can archive stories from servers to DVD-RAM or videotape. It also records news feeds from affiliate feed services directly onto the stations video servers.

Grass Valley (SU7059):
Providing fast, centralized access to everything from incoming feeds to archived clips, the Grass Valley NAS system lets editors access multiple video files in multiple video formats, including DV50. The system scales to 14.6TB and provides CIFS-based applications support for the Grass Valley FeedClip interactive feed capture system; the NewsEdit, NewsEdit LT, and NewsEdit SC systems; and the NewsQ manual playback system. The NAS system leverages the same high availability and proven workflow-improving capabilities of the Grass Valley SAN system and makes them available in an Ethernet architecture. The NAS system uses the same Fiber Channel array as the Grass Valley SAN system and translates it into Ethernet, giving customers an extremely affordable entry point for shared storage.

Leitch (SU4525):
Leitch will be announcing several new solutions, including a new transmission product that adds high definition to the list of available formats stored and managed in the VRnet server platform. The new server is designed to the MPEG-2 main profile at high level, and includes a high-performance ASI module with transport stream processing and multiplexing capabilities.
Leitch will also be showing two new modules for the VRnetthe VRMPEG222, a bidirectional codec that provides a major reduction in the cost of transmission servers; and VRIMX222, a bidirectional codec that adds IMX functionality to the VR server line.
Leitch will also be showing new tools now available in NEWSFlash and BrowseCutter.

Pinnacle Systems (SU5003):
In addition to displaying its Vortex LN (local news) system, Pinnacle Systems will show new expanded MOS support for newsrooms in the DekoMOS, a complete software system for configuring the Avid iNEWS and Associated Press newsroom computer systems to communicate with Deko via the MOS protocol. Automated Deko graphics will be included in the newsrooms automated rundown. A new ThunderX plug-in enables MOS-based newsroom control systems to communicate directly with a Thunder, enabling a journalist to easily add items from a Thunder database into a story and allowing a producer to dynamically create and modify sequences via the NCS rundown manager.

Telestream (SU5661):
Telestream will unveil a new media capture product at NAB2003, which simplifies newscast analysis, repurposing news for the Web, ad-run verification, as well as foreign news feeds and surveillance recordings. It also automatically records multiple live video feeds and important metadata. The solution is built on Telestreams smart media management middleware and an intuitive Windows interface and encodes and stores media in the Windows Media 9 format.
In addition, new formats and features will be demonstrated for Telestreams FlipFactory transcoding automation applications. New enhancements will be unveiled for Telestreams ClipMail MPEG encoding/delivery appliances as well.

Production Switchers
Broadcast Pix (SU6023):

The Broadcast Pix Studio is a one-man-band studio-in-a-workstation. It features a unified control system, which allows a single person to control a live studio; including switching, titles, logos, special effects, and picture-in-picture. The system is designed for all live production applications, including news, training, sports, and mobile production. It features a tactile control panel and 10-bit digital video. Other standard features include a digital disk recorder, CG, Pinnacle DVE, stillstore, logo store, PowerPoint store, switching, color corrector, and three keyers. Inputs include SDI, composite, component, and Y/C, and outputs allow for monitoring, embedded audio, device control, and tally. An assignable control bank enables the DDR, CG, or any device to be controlled via knobs, push-buttons, and joystick. A software-based panel replicates the hands-on control panel in a Web browser, so the Broadcast Pix Studio (with an Ethernet connection) can be controlled from the studio, another facility, or even from home. Plus, multiple redundancies keep sources on-air even if the workstation or panel stops.

Grass Valley (SU7059):
Grass Valley will introduce the new Kayak 1 M/E switcher, a portable unit designed for live production, small studios, and editing applications. It features 16 inputs, four keyers, internal frame store, and an intuitive GUI with touch screen display. For more high-end facilities, the new Kalypso HD switcher provides native support for 1080i and 720p production, and offers the same user interface and features as the established SD Kalypso system.

Ikegami (C2638):
Ikegamis line of HD and SD digital switchers includes the TD/TDP-360 portable and studio switcher with 1.5M/E; the TD/TDP-370 portable and studio switcher with 2M/E; and the HSS-2000 studio switcher with 4M/E. All these models are available for SD SDI and HD SDI, including multiple formats in HD.

Ross Video (SU5225):
Ross Videos Synergy 2,3, and 4 digital production switchers have significant enhancements for 2003. The control panel now incorporates eight character mnemonics for source and router names as well as custom control macro buttons. Squeeze & Tease WARP is the new internal DVE for the Synergy 2003 edition. It includes a full range of WARP effects, preprocessor effects, "picture frame" borders, and an onboard stillstore. Synergy 2003, with version 11 software, also provides an extended array of interface options, now including such devices as robotic cameras and audio mixers. The Aspectizer on-board aspect ratio converter provides a new 14:9 look. Also new are additional downstream keyers 3 and 4 that incorporate on-board storage for static and animated logos.

Ross Video will show two options to the compact, Synergy 100 digital production switcher: Squeeze & Tease WARP, the Ultimatte Insider matting device. Also added to the Synergy 100 is on-board auxiliary bus control and full Squeeze & Tease control menus on preview overlay.

Audio Video Design (C129):
Audio Video Design, which manufactures most of its own LCD screens, will roll out its AV-15CA, featuring a 15-inch LCD with VGA input. Another new system will accommodate a two-camera setup, with both prompters (and a 9-inch CRT monitor for the operator) fed by the same software. Also, for news environments, its new EasyReaderNR software can download stories from the Internet, automatically format the text to the prompter, and send the text to the prompter live.

Listec Video (C2350):
The LCD-900 Presto Image Reverser is a module designed to turn any off-the-shelf flat panel monitor into a prompter, which can then be used with Listecs on-camera prompter hardware. The Spectra-Light ST-2056 is a small, 6-inch LCD prompter system for location shoots. The 3-pound system was designed to accommodate videographers needing simple prompter set-up in the field.

Also, the ST-2015SA is a new standalone LCD prompter that will mount in a standard tripod. Its ideal for shoots where a tripod cant take the weight of a prompter system. Finally, a new monitor return system from Listec will allow users to have a duplicate monitor underneath the prompter system, which can be used to show live video or any other desired feed.

Mirror Image (C568):
New for NAB2003 is the MatteBox, a lightweight prompting system with a 7-inch LCD screen. Designed for handheld, jib, or Steadicam prompting needs, the unit uses the same connection hardware as a matte box, so you unhook your matte box and slide on the prompter with its mirror and hood.

Tekskil Industries (C3350):
New offerings at NAB2003 will include a new fold-down prompter that uses a cloth, not plastic, hood. The unit is about as thin as the LCD panel and will fit into one shipping case. Designed for portable prompting, the new fold-down unit will appeal to news reporters in the field that dont want to look down at notes while on camera.

Another new product will be a convertible prompter. Using an LCD screen, the system can be attached to a camera like a normal prompter, or it can be used simply as a podium prompter when a video camera is not present.

Telescript (C2626):
Telescript has re-engineered its new prompter to weigh less than 5 pounds, collapse to fit into a laptop computer-sized case, and cost about half the price. The Telescript DV-8 uses a 8.4-inch LCD screen, and its plate and rod system accommodates either a prompter or a matte box.

N Systems Inc. (NSI) (C2409):
N Systems Inc. (NSI) will introduce the next-generation CAMPAC remote camera control system, a high quality remote system with a full feature set commonly found in broadcast camera systems. The company will also spotlight its 300 Series System Control Unit (SCU). It solves a common ENG remote problem, where the remote control system has to provide seamless integration of a mixture of existing legacy equipment from existing antennas and radios from multiple vendors to extended functions of new digital-ready products.

Radamec Broadcast Systems (SU5667):
Radamec Broadcast Systems will introduce a new Linux-based touch control panel with a digital key frame control mode. The system is an extension of the capabilities of Radamecs Touch Screen Control system and includes a robotic digital key frame control mode that memorizes the cameras position and orientation as the operator moves it.

Other new developments on exhibit will include a control via IP system, and enhancements to Radamecs ARC touch screen control system. An enhanced RP2A navigation system that eliminates the need for targets on the studio floor or wall will be shown for the first time as well as new advancements in virtual technology.

Telemetrics (C3726):

Telemetrics will introduce the EWM-PT-S2-BD Elevating Wall Mount Camera Trolley System and a new line of pan/tilt heads at NAB2003. The EWM-PT-S2-BD features servo operation for precision-controlled movements and a belt-driven motor that provides variable speeds over great distances.

The new PT-CP-S2, PT-LP-S2, and PT-HP-S2 servo pan/tilt heads can be controlled via RS-232 or RS-422 protocol with direct lens and camera interface connectors for camera and lens control functions. Serial control interfaces are available for most Hitachi, JVC, Panasonic, and Sony cameras. In addition, Telemetrics offers a new Virtual Studio Option (for PT-LP-S2 and PT-HP-S2 only) with precision feedback accuracy to seamlessly integrate into virtual studio applications.

Vinten (SU4723):
At NAB, Vinten will introduce its new ACS-200, HCS-200, and PCS-125 AutoCam controllers. The controllers allow precise control of studio robotic systems utilizing Windows and realtime OS technology. The systems work with all current AutoCam products and allow for multi-facility control of pedestals, heads, and elevation units from eight to an unlimited number of cameras.