Eyeheight announces canalettoMDi multidefinition color corrector

The eyehight canalettoMDi offers a high-quality multidefinition digital color correction for 1080i and 720p HD-SDI television standards, as well as 625i (PAL) and 525i (NTSC) SD. Designed for graphics suites, editing facilities and transmission centers handling multiple line-rate sources, the canalettoMDi incorporates HD-SDI/SDI auto sensing, which enables the unit to switch automatically to the incoming feed. Each R, G and B channel has individually controllable gain, lift and gamma together with overall hue correction.

An integral color gamut legalizer with automatic luma overshoot suppression and undershoot control ensures that canalettoMDi's output conforms fully to EBU R103-2000 at all color correction settings. Content creators and broadcasters working to non-EBU standards can alternatively set canalettoMDI's legalization levels to their specific regional standards.

Based on eyeheight's evolutionDT production platform, canalettoMDi incorporates an I-Bus interface allowing easy remote control or full automation. It employs full 10-bit processing and incorporates six flash-RAM user memories. The canalettoMDi is available in half- or full-rack configurations. Input line equalization is provided.

For more information, visit www.eyeheight.com.