EVS to play significant role in production of 2006 Winter Olympics

EVS will supply numerous solutions, engineering consultants and support engineers to the Turino Olympic Broadcasting Organization (TOBO) as well as to the 80 TV broadcast rights holders on site for the Winter Olympics.

More than 200 XT and XT[2] systems, as well as numerous other applications, including X-File[2] digital archive, CleanEdit, MediaXchange and the new IP Director Suite application, will be used for the production of 900 hours of live or near-live programs. EVS systems will be used both for production at the 15 event sites and at the heart of the International Broadcast Center in Turino.

More than 40 OB vans supplied by RAI, France Television, Alfacam, SBP, Visions, Outside Broadcast or Prisma will ensure the live recording of all the events in HD. Nearly 100 production and broadcast HD XT or HD XT[2] servers will be used. The HDTV signal will be retransmitted in the United States by NBC and in Japan by NHK. As for other countries, mainly European, the images will be compressed into SD format.

The central EVS server to be used by host broadcaster TOBO will allow more than 14 continuous video sources to be recorded in parallel. These streams will be converted into thousands of standard-definition video clips and will be made available in real time to some 1500 operators, editors, producers and journalists working in the IBC.

NBC will rely upon EVS technologies and consultants for its production of the Winter Games. Dedicated operators will use 50 HD XT[2] servers and applications to record, edit and broadcast live or post-produced coverage for NBC, USA Network, CNBC, MSNBC, Telemundo and www.nbcolympics.com.

For more information, visit: www.evs.tv.

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