Ericsson powers linear TV for the multi-platform, multiscreen world at NAB 2012

At NAB, Ericsson will launch a number of new products, extending its position in enabling broadcasters and operators to acquire, exchange and deliver high-quality content with video processing performance. Visitors to Ericsson’s booth will be able to see live demonstrations of these new products alongside Ericsson’s complete portfolio of systems and services for content acquisition, creation, management, exchange and delivery to consumers. Ericsson’s products help broadcasters and TV service providers become more profitable by expanding their offering, driving new revenues through innovation and excellence, and reducing operation costs in an increasingly complex video landscape.

This year’s NAB will mark the debut of multiscreen video processing products from the company. A critical challenge with multiscreen TV services is offering the hundreds of linear and live TV channels that consumers are demanding on all devices as part of a full multiscreen TV experience.

The Ericsson Multiscreen Video Processing system provides a flexible approach to the growing multiscreen market. It enables cost-effective processing of hundreds of channels into the thousands of adaptive streaming profiles necessary for a true TV-everywhere experience.

The solution consists of the SPR1200, a dense hardware-based multiscreen transcoder that solves the scaling challenge; and the NPR1200, a flexible multiscreen network processor for packaging and publishing linear, multiscreen content. These units combine into one scalable solution that provides sufficient power to solve the multiscreen challenge not just today, but into the future.