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Entone supports world’s largest IPTV system

At PCCW, Entone’s StreamLiner technology is converting standard server and storage hardware from IBM into specialized, high-performance video servers that ingest, store and stream on-demand video programming.

PCCW, operators of now Broadband TV, the world’s largest deployment of IPTV services, has selected Entone Technologies to support its deployment of on demand services.

Now Broadband TV has attracted over 441,000 subscribers since its launch approximately two years ago, offering 24-hour, DVD-quality broadcast of 73 television channels and 15 subscription-based audio channels. Programming on the service is available a la carte, allowing consumers to select from a menu of channel options.

PCCW’s new service offers DVR-like capability without the set-top box. This is accomplished using Entone’s suite of IPTV solutions for creating, managing, and delivering digital assets. This includes StreamLiner, network video recorder (NVR) software; Encoding Studio, an ingest system that helps manage the process of capturing, encoding, quality assuring, and staging digital content; and Armada, an intelligent asset management software that helps distribute and cost-optimize the placement of digital assets across a network of video servers based on actual subscriber consumption patterns and operator defined rules.

The now Broadband TV service is a major growth driver for PCCW, with 92 percent of its new broadband data users also opting to subscribe to its TV service as well. Entone’s technology allows the telco to add time-shifted TV and movies on demand.

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